Culture and Tourism

t33 is involved in the European debate on the role of culture in the development of creative industries and their content. t33 researches the regional dynamics that constitute cultural districts, studying the pattern of regional universities and the effects of innovation policies on the cultural sector. In the light of larger European demographic trends t33 looks at the links between the cultural sector and the phenomenon of ageing populations, paying particular attention to models of cultural welfare. At the same time t33 notes that to play a role in creating cultural content, Europe must demonstrate the ability to unlock the creative energies of its young African and Asian immigrant population.

t33 realises that in contemporary tourism there is a need for content based on experience. It promotes models that creatively rework the cultural and environmental heritage, involving local people, aimed at revitalising marginal areas such as villages.

Pietro Celotti, a t33 partner, is Head of Culture and Tourism.