t33 supports the inclusion of environmental issues in public policies and in territorial development through different approaches:

- strategic environmental assessment of plans and programmes: t33 supports the strategic environmental assessment process, realising the technical documents required, and giving support to the public administrations in the decision making. The complete and depended experience on the topic is granted by numerous works carried out at different spatial scales (from local to transnational) and on different typologies of plans and programmes. (Read more...)

- planning on climate changes and renewable energies: t33 has participated in projects concerning different topics related to climate change mitigation and it is able to provide technical support for the integration of current climate change issues in to planning tools. In addition, t33 has participate in climate change planning, developing both mitigation and adaptation issues. (Read more...)

- inclusion on environmental issues in the public policies: t33 has carried out activities of support for the public administration in programming, implementation and evaluation of cohesion policies, also working on inclusion of environmental issues. In addition, t33 has realized researches, case studies, and statistical analysis on effectiveness of the environmental policies. Through the implementation of SEA and incidence analysis instruments, it has heightened issues concerning biodiversity, resilience of natural systems and ecosystem services. (Read more...)

François Levarlet, a t33 partner, is Head of Environment.