Programme and Project Evaluation

t33 is fully aware that evaluation is not a “technical” exercise but, above all, an ethical one. An evaluation can only be good when the results are transparent and supported by empirical evidence and most especially when it serves the proper management of public affairs.

The complexity of public affairs means that the evaluator needs a multidisciplinary toolbox, knowledge of the various public sectors and above all specific know-how, “evaluation expertise”.

t33's evaluation expertise is based on solid theoretical knowledge which is continually fed by experience gained in the national and international field.

t33 has a series of tried and tested assessment techniques, both qualitative (Focus Groups, Case Studies, Interviews) and quantitative (Cost Benefit Analysis). Areas of expertise include rural and urban development, tourism and culture, business assistance and public sector financial engineering. t33 is constantly investing in the research and development of new techniques and participates in the methodological debate in Europe. In the Marche Region, t33 is developing techniques to measure the impact of European funds on innovation in businesses. In the framework of the Italo-French cross-border cooperation t33 is testing “theory based” qualitative methods. Web-based cooperation and sharing methods allow t33 a superb opportunity to experiment with new participatory assessment tools.

Alessandro Valenza, a t33 partner, is in charge of Programme and Project Evaluation.