t33 adopts the principle of administrative sustainability and is engaged in researching administrative procedures and practices to limit administrative costs and avoid excessive administrative burden, while maintaining the technical and methodological soundness of the system. The opportunity to conduct such research for the European Commission - DG REGIO gave t33 the chance to complete the growth of its experts, who were already working on issues of governance at the regional level, for enterprises (universities, companies, local authorities, public agencies, service sector, voluntary organisations) and for multi-tiered administrations (local, regional, state and international organizations).

Over ten years of professional experience in difficult situations (reconstruction activities in Serbia and Croatia), remote areas (environmental planning in Mali) or close to home (collaborative projects with University R&D, entities and companies), t33's experts have built support systems based on the knowledge of participants (stakeholder mapping) and the socio-economic context, which have facilitated the growth of institutional capacities in those bodies.

Alessandro Valenza, a t33 partner, is Head of Governance.