The t33 team is young but already deeply immersed in the cycle of European programs with experience in assessment, study and research, technical assistance and project design. Most experience is in regional policies and areas of expertise are governance, environment, development, culture and tourism, cooperation.

t33 is based in Ancona, the capital of the Le Marche region in Italy and the main port in the mid-Adriatic region. At the local level, experts from t33 have the opportunity to confront with stakeholders, to verify the management ability of local entities and to participate in the success of a regional university. At the Adriatic cross-border level, working in accession countries is a valuable opportunity for t33's experts.

The world of t33 is in Europe. The company carries out regular studies for the European Commission and the European Parliament and is a significant participant in determining the next programming cycle 2014-2020. English and French are the main working languages, Brussels is a de facto place of business for the company.

New scenarios are North and Sub-Saharan Africa. t33's experts have contributed to the definition of environmental development programs in Algeria and Mali and have planned the launch of tourist routes in Tunisia.

All partners are involved in regular teaching activities within the “Master in relations with Eastern Countries” at the University of Macerata and in other training exercises regarding policies, programs and EU projects.