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Strumenti Finanziari

Argomenti della lezione:
- Cos’è fi-compass www.fi-compass.eu
- Cosa è cambiato nei nuovi regolamenti 2014-2020
- Ciclo di vita e prodotti degli strumenti finanziari
- Perché è (anche) vantaggioso (a volte) per il destinatario finale


Theory of change
TOC is a methodology for planning, participation and evaluation in the context of public intervention to promote social change. It is strictly connected with the idea of program theory.
It has also increasingly been connected to sociology and political science scholars who become aware that policy/program development is based on explicit assumptions about
1) the processes of change,
2) the interventions needed to affect change.
Notable methodologists, such as Huey Chen, Peter Rossi, Michael Quinn Patton, Heléne Clark, and Carol Weiss, had been thinking about how to apply program theories to evaluation since the '90s