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t33 is looking for a trainee data analyst, to be included in a team to realise projects for the company's clients, mainly operating units of the European institutions (European Commission, European Investment Bank): in particular, the trainee will be included in a work team cooperating with two IT companies, Smartpeg and Pegaso.
Working language will be English.
The researched figure has an educational background that has allowed him/her to acquire skills in information technology for data management and analysis. He/she is specialized in the development of data, in the data extraction and transformation processes, in their modelling and analytical and statistical interpretation, as well as in visual data analysis techniques.

• Combine and analyse various data sets, to support the production of in-depth analysis
• Create procedures for collecting and transforming data from different sources
• Integrate, process, clean and verify the integrity of the data used
• Extract statistical information from the data
• Present data and results in an effective and clear way (web reports and dashboards)

• Bachelor or master’s Degree in scientific-economic disciplines (Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Information Engineering, Management Engineering)
• Knowledge of programming languages for data management and analysis (e.g. R, Python)
• Ability to use relational databases, and technologies and methodologies for data management and analysis
• Ability to analyse and summarise, abstract, model and represent data
• Ability to conduct statistical analysis using appropriate tools (e.g. Excel, Stata)
• Excellent knowledge of English, and adequate presentation and communication skills

• Knowledge of another language of the European Union
• Ability to use non-relational databases (e.g. MongoDB)
• Knowledge of programming languages and web development frameworks (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, PHP)
• Ability to use versioning systems (e.g. GitHub)

t33 offices are located in Ancona, via Calatafimi 1, in the city centre. Reimbursement for the trainee is EUR 600 per month (taxes included, if applicable).

Candidates can write an email to, attaching a CV in English and, if the case, including a link to projects they have worked at.