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Start Date: : 2014 (Completed)

Study: 'Algae bioenergy siting, commercial deployment and development analysis'

European Commission - DG Energy

The European Union is promoting the use of renewable energy in transport to reach the objective of 10% renewable energy in transport by 2020 as set out by the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).  The use of biofuels is one way of meeting these targets.  Transport depends almost entirely on petroleum oil as fuel at present, and greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at a high rate.  Transport is the only sector where energy intensity is not expected to decrease over the next two decades if development follows base case scenarios.  At present the main alternative to fossil based fuels are biofuels, whether liquid or gaseous.  It is necessary to initiate analytical work on the most appropriate locations for future deployment in the EU taking into account the climatic conditions and other boundary conditions for commercialization across the EU.  Thus the Consortium has been has awarded a service contract by the European Commission for the provision of interdisciplinary expertise with respect to study the siting, commercial deployment and development analysis of commercial algae cultivation systems. 
The information and analysis provided under this Assignment is meant to facilitate the Commission, the stakeholders and national authorities to have detailed information and understanding on the further deployment of the algae plantations in the EU.