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Start Date: : 2015 (Completed)

Study: 'Labour mobility and Local and Regional Authorities: benefits, challenges and solutions'

Committee of the Regions

The study in based on an overview of intra-EU labour mobility, mainly based on Eurostat data. The analysis of the benefits and challenges for the Local and Regional Authorities deriving from labour mobility is conducted following this classification: Migrants, Migrant workers, Cross-border workers, Posted workers. The benefits and challenges are investigated with reference to the regions of origin, the regions of destination, the internal market and the individual workers. 10 case studies are presented, in order to showcase the problems encountered by the Local and Regional Authorities and especially the solutions adopted in relation to intra-EU labour mobility. The recommendations highlight the necessity to increase the availability of information on the labour mobility flows, in order to enable Local and Regional Authorities to make a more strategic use of the European labour market.

The report of the study is available here.