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Start Date: : 2016 (Completed)

Study: 'EGTC monitoring report 2016 and impacts of Schengen area crisis on the work of EGTCs'

Committee of the RegionsCommittee of the Regions

The objective of the study is to give an overview of the current state of play of European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs), within the framework of a regular monitoring exercise carried out by the CoR. The study is drafted with the support of the EGTC Platform of the CoR. The primary objectives of the reports are the following: 1) to monitor the implementation of the amended EGTC Regulation by the Member States; 2) To monitor the activities of the EGTC's on the ground and in particular those related to the implementation of actions of territorial cooperation co-unded by the ERDF; 3) To provide a perspective of the EGTC's currently under constitution. The scope of the study focuses on the analysis of the latest developments in general, highlighting the achievements of the EGTCs and their potential.
The study seeks to answer the following questions: 
•  How Regulation (EU) No 1302/2013 has been implemented and what is the situation of the EGTC legislation at national level? 
•  What are the main characteristics and trends of existing EGTC's that are in the consortium phase, in particular related to the Strategy Europe 2020 and to the ETC programmes 2014-2020?
•  Which EGTC's are under constitution? 
•  How did the Schengen area crisis impact the EGCTs and their work?

The report of the study is available here