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Start Date: : 2016 (Completed)

Study: 'How to improve regional and local governance of SME and entrepreneurship policy'

Committee of the RegionsCommittee of the Regions

The study aims to analyse and compare governance mechanisms applied in SME and entrepreneurship policies at regional and local level. It provides specific focus to governance mechanisms and structures develop by the EER (European Entrepreneurial Regions) winners as examples of territories that have developed and implemented particularly succesful approaches to SME and entrepreneurship support policy. The study address the following topics: A) Outline of the roles and competences of regions and cities in the governance of SME and entrepreneurship policy and development of an analysis grid allowing a comparison of the different governance models and mechanisms analysed in the case studies; B) Analysis of selected case studies in the field of governance of SME and entrepreneurship policy implemented by the EER regions, as well as by origin regions and cities within the EU and beyond; C) Development of a typology of the main elements of governance models and mechanisms encountered in the case studies in view of obstacles, success factors, actors involved and their degree of ownership and replication and transfer potential; D) Formulation of policy recommendations including proposals for the further improvement of the governance mechanisms applied in the EER region, for the successful adaptation of the analysed governance models by other EU territories and for a better representation of the regional and local dimensions within governance mechanisms at EU level. 

The report of the study is available here.