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Start Date: : 2019 (Completed)

Study: ‘Assessing the need for a modification of the state aid rules for the phasing-out of coal’

Committee of the RegionsCommittee of the Regions

The CoR Commission for Economic and Social Policy (ECON) launched an analytical review process linked with a political debate on the question wheatear the existing state aid rules leave enough room for manoeuvre for regions and cities.
The study provides a collection of the state aid rules which apply to the coal regions in transition and includes evidence of situations where a more flexible approach is needed to facilitate the coal transition. Additionally, the study provides feedback to the European Commission’s work in this specific area and supports evidence-informed political work within the CoR. The study is a follow-up to the CoR opinion on ‘Socioeconomic structural change in Europe’s coal regions’.
The study based on desk research and interview with representative of selected contracted authorities at region, local and national level.

The final  report of the study is available here.


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