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Start Date: : 2013 (Completed)

Study: 'E-invoicing in public procurement: Early Warning System file - Analysis of local and regional authorities' subsidiarity scrutiny of legislative proposal COM(2013)449'

Committee of the Regions

The new proposed Directive on e-invoicing in public procurement falls within a policy area of shared competences. The CoR, given its Treaty responsibilities with regard to the subsidiarity principle towards all local and regional authorities (LRAs) is preparing an opinion on this initiative in order to give voice to potential issues as envisaged by LRAs. t33 will analyse and summarise the contributions received from the LRAs in the course of the related consultation organised during the Early Warning System period. The report is used to make sure that observations from the regions and other Subsidiarity Monitoring Network partners are drawn to the attention of the CoR rapporteur as well as it is forwarded to the European Commission.

The report of the study is here.

Alessandro Valenza
Partner and Founder