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Start Date: : 2016 (Completed)

Study: 'The Future of Industry in Europe'

Committee of the RegionsCommittee of the Regions

The aim of this study is to inform debate by representatives of European local and regional authorities of the Future of Industry in Europe. Therefore it approach this topic not only from the global and EU perspective but abobe all from the LRA point of view while underlining the territorial dimension of the current trends in the field of industry and the implications for regions and cities. The study includes the following elements: 1) An overview of the structure of industry in Europe and the key features of its regional representation across the EU; 2) An examination of the evolving concept of industry as a distinct economicsecotr and its role in economic development in the context of the knowledge economy; 3) An analysis of the current challenges for European industrial competitiveness arising from globalisation, technological evolution/digitalisation, changing business and production models such as servitisation and other factors; 4) The identification and analysis of the problems that local and regional authorities face when trying to assist companies with industrial transformation, facilitate innovation and improve access of EU companies to foreign markets; 5) A number of case examples/experiences from individual regions/LRA; 6) Policy conclusions and recommendations in view of needs and opportunities from the point of view of regions and cities. 

The report of the study is available here.