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Start Date: : 2011 (Completed)

Analysis of the financial and physical data in the Final Implementation Reports concerning the Objective 1 and 2 Programmes for 2000-2006 financed by the ERDF

European Commission - DG Regional Policy

The objective of the study is to undertake, through the examination of the Final Implementation Reports, an analysis of the financial and physical data of the Objective 1 and 2 Programmes financed by the ERDF during the period 2000-2006 in 25 Member States. It analyses completeness of expenditure data in ERDF final reporting, as well as it compares initial plans for the use of the EU financing and the final reported use. The study assesses the main features of the monitoring systems, as well as variations across Member States and regions. Reasons and explanations for over/under achievements on physical indicators are also analysed, as well as physical data on core indicators singled out and aggregated. Based on findings from the previous programming period, the study makes suggestions for future use of indicators.

Giovanni Familiari
Director and Partner