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Start Date: : 2013 (Completed)

Ex ante evaluation of the cross-border territorial cooperation Programme Italy-Switzerland 2014-2020

Regione Lombardia - Italy

The CBC Programme Italy - Switzerland has a consolidated experience and over the years the collaboration between the Italian Regions and the Swiss Cantons has increased. Despite this, the new regulatory framework 2014 - 2020 Program requires a new impetus to better emphasize the contribution of cross-border cooperation to the Cohesion and to development of the area. Therefore it is required to the evaluator to:
• Improve the quality of the design and implementation of the program;
• ensure that the intervention logic of the program is clearly articulated and contributes to the Europe 2020 strategy;
• provide decision makers with the insights needed to drive choices;
• inform the institutional and social partnership stakeholders and citizens

The evaluation was therefore designed to be able to prepare a programme capable to:
• represent concretely the needs of cooperation: what is changing and what are the obstacles posed by administrative boundaries and orographic area, without hiring objectives that belong to other instruments and other policy levels (regional, national, European);
• have a picture of what can the program can actually change also exploring new types of intangible effects (eg, building networks, communities of knowledge / practice impacts on the cycle of policy);
• improve the "accountability" of the program by defining the actual measurement systems (indicators);
• establish "ex ante" forms of continuity, concrete cooperation and cross-fertilization with other programs operating in the area

Alessandro Valenza
Partner and Founder