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Start Date: : 2013 (Completed)

Ex-ante evaluation and Strategic Environmental Assessment of the INTERREG 2 Seas Programme 2014-2020

GEIE GECOTTI (Groupement Européen pour la Coopération Transfrontalière Transnationale et Interrégionale)

The INTERREG VA 2 Seas Programme promotes cross-border cooperation between the coastal regions of 4 EU Member States: France (Nord-Pas de Calais), the UK (south-west, south-east and east of England), Belgium (Flanders) and The Netherlands (south-west coastal area).
The ex-ante evaluation and the strategic environmental assessment of the INTERREG V A 2 Mers Seas Zeeën proposed by t33 and Spatial Foresight, has five main components:
- the evaluation of the Programme strategy (Component 1) that involves the appraisal of the consistency of thematic objectives and priorities, of the internal and external coherence, of the intervention logic and of the horizontal objectives
- the evaluation of the indicators and the programme provisions for monitoring and evaluation (Component 2) involves the evaluation of the relevance and clarity of proposed programme indicators, of the quantified baseline and target values, of the suitability of milestones and the appraisal of the procedures for data collection procedures and evaluation.
- the evaluation of the financial allocations (Component 3),
- the evaluation of the administrative capacity and efficiency and of contribution to Europe 2020 strategy (component 4)
- the Strategic Environmental Assessment (Component 5)
The methodology proposed is built around two pillars:
a) Constant involvement of stakeholders to understand their perception and to build awareness and consensus (Focus group – Delphi – Interview).
b) Effectiveness: innovative indicators designed to capture and measure the real changes and concrete achievements of the Programme i.e. theory of change approach.

Alessandro Valenza
Partner and Founder