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Start Date: : 2014 (Completed)

Independent evaluation of the project ClusterPoliSEE, South EAST EUROPE Programme

Regione Marche - Italy

The project concerns the evaluation of the project PoliSEE (Smarter Cluster Policies for South - East Europe), which aims  to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship, and in particular the conception and testing of policy learning mechanisms to support the development of clusters in the regions of South East Europe. The project, whose leader is the Marche Region, aims at:
- promoting the creation of a transnational platform as a system of continuous learning to increase the knowledge base of regional decision makers and promote innovations in all levels;
- establishing a platform that acts as a laboratory for innovation in transnational public policies to support regions to adopt strategies that give priority to the benefits competitive and potential cooperation with other regions;
- supporting the collaboration between the public sector, the private sector and research, through the implementation of joint activities on a pilot basis , focusing on key issues for the effective implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy ( such as innovation and R & D, environmental sustainability; international cooperation; financial support to SMEs; regional specialization and clusters ; new skills and creating jobs ) , paying particular attention to the elimination gaps in terms of innovation capacity.
t33 assess the project's ability to influence the policy cycle and in particular the  effectiveness of the policy learning process. 

Alessandro Valenza
Partner and Founder