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Start Date: : 2013 (Completed)

Analysis, development and promotion of the Marche's Plan of Tourism Products

Regione Marche - Italy

In order to prevent and anticipate the structural challenges that the new touristic scenario will experience, Marche Region shall adopt a broad effort strategy, covering a period of time such as to allow a real destination development with a broad vision and a clear market orientation. Such strategy is essential to face new tourism models that are being developed in terms of demand but also supply and business.
The temporary group of companies Idea Srl – t33 Srl was commissioned to accompany Marche Region in this process:
- Developing the strategic plan of tourism products;
- Organizing and structuring tourism products (Ancient Villages, Nature and Active Tourism, Sea, Spirituality..);
- Assisting marketing and advertising activities;
- Creating websites of single tourism products