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Start Date: : 2014 (Completed)

Ex – ante evaluation and environmental evaluation in Romania for Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs for the period 2014- 2020

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development -Romania

In consortium with ACZ Consulting, t33 is charge for carrying out the ex-ante evaluation of the Romanian Operational Programme for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 2014-2020 funded by the EMFF (the fund for the EU's maritime and fisheries policies for 2014-2020).
The ex-ante evaluation is a legal requirement of the EC regulation for the 2014-2020 programming period but is also an exercise needed in order to assure the best use of the available funds.  The ex-ante evaluation should assess whether: 
1. needs have been diagnosed correctly; 
2. the strategy and objectives proposed are relevant to those needs; 
3. the approach proposed is coherent and consistent with EU policies and guidelines; 
4. the assumptions concerning expected results and impacts are realistic and in line with the resources available.