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Start Date: : 2014 (Completed)

Ex ante assessment of Tuscany ERDF ROP financial instruments

Regione Toscana - Italy

The Directorate General Competitiveness of the regional system and development of competences (Unit Horizontal policy of support to firms) of Tuscany region selected t33 to perform the ex-ante assessment of the financial instruments according to art.37 of the EU 1303/2013 regulation. The ex ante assessment will focus on  the analysis of market failures, suboptimal investment situations, and investment needs;  the assessment of the added value of the financial instruments; an estimate of additional public and private resources to be potentially raised by the financial instrument; an assessment of lessons learnt from similar instruments and ex ante assessments in the past, and how such lessons will be applied in the future; the proposed investment strategy; analysis of the expected results.

Giovanni Familiari
Director and Partner