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Start Date: : 2018 (Completed)

Evaluation of UNDP Country Programmes in the Western Balkans

United Nations Development programme (UNDP)

The consortium composed by t33 and Naxta contributes to the ‘Cluster Evaluation of UNDP Country Programmes in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States’, coordinated by the UNDP Independent Evaluation Office. More specifically, the consortium carries out Independent Country Programme Evaluations for Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. The purpose of the evaluation is to capture and demonstrate evaluative evidence of the UNDP contribution to development at country level, as well as the effectiveness of UNDP strategies in facilitating and leveraging national efforts for achieving development results.
The three evaluations cover all UNDP activities carried out in the current UNDP programme cycle (2016-2020) until the end of 2018 and interventions funded by all sources, including core UNDP resources, donor funds and government funds. The consortium provided an extensive evaluation of each Country Programme contribution to development in different areas, with special regard to democratic governance, gender equality, inclusive and sustainable growth, environment and energy.
The evaluation work is coordinated by Paul Georis.