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Start Date: : 2018 (In Progress)

Census of the 2018 value of the result indicator 3.1 b) “tourist satisfaction” of the INTERREG V A ALCOTRA France – Italy 2014-2020 Programme

Région Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Direction de Fonds Européens

The main purpose of the evaluation is to collect data in order to calculate the value reached by the indicator 3.1 b) “tourist satisfaction”, of the Specific Objective 3.1 Promoting sustainable tourism on ALCOTRA’s territory.
The activities are organized in three stages: a) preliminary stage of preparation of the data collection, b) the launching of the survey, and c) the reporting of the results – index of satisfaction. These steps also correspond to the three main deliverables of the study: scoping study, intermediate report and final report.

The survey addresses to tourists visiting some touristic sites defined as “strategic” (which means representative of the cooperation area, but also involving an important touristic flux). The global opinion emerging from these surveys will create the global satisfaction rate of the territory, after an aggregation and a ponderation of results (following the Travelsat Competitive Index methodology).