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Start Date: : 2017 (In Progress)

Evaluation of Implementation and Impact of the France (Channel) England programme

Norfolk County CouncilNorfolk County Council

The purposes of the evaluation of the Interreg V France (Channel) England (FCE) Programme are the following four: 1) To assess the extent to which the programme is on track to achieving its delivery and whether programme mechanisms could be improved to make delivery more efficient and effective; 2) To measure the change in the Programme area relative to the objectives of the Programme; 3) To assess the extent to which the observed changes can be attributed to the Programme and whether this represents the programme’s full potential; 4) To assess the added value of using cross-border cooperation to achieve change in the FCE area, and potential of cooperation in the FCE area after the end of the programme. The scope of the different evaluations can be delineated by: - Theme: the change in the programme area will be assessed in relation to all five specific objectives. - Focus: the evaluations should identify lessons learnt, in particular in the following areas: • Setting up new programmes of cooperation • Maximising result orientation in CBC programmes - Time: all evaluations will have to take into account that all projects may not be completed at the time that the evaluation task takes place. - Geographical area: the change will be assessed across the whole of the FCE programme area, and findings will be broken down by region where applicable. - Target group: the change will be assessed in relation to the respective target groups of each Specific Objective as set out in the Cooperation Programme.