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Start Date: : 2017 (Completed)

Ex post evaluation of the European Union Solidarity Fund 2002-2016

European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban PolicyEuropean Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy

The overall objective of the ex-post evaluation is to assess the implementation and performance of the EU Solidarity Fund over the period 2002-2016.
The evaluation assesses the synergies between the EUSF support and other EU policy instruments and with other international instruments in contributing to strengthened measures for the prevention and management of disasters in EU Member States. The evaluation provides an analysis of the approval, implementation and closure (where applicable) of all EUSF interventions since the establishment of the Fund in 2002 and until end-2016. Moreover, the evaluation gathers evidence on the implementation and performance of the EUSF based on in-depth analyses of 7 case studies and, additionally, analyses the role of the reformed EUSF in the framework of policy efforts aimed at enhancing the prevention, preparedness and resilience of EU Member States to natural disaster events. As last objecetive, the evaluation also reflects on the EU added value and strengths of the EUSF in order to provide opportunities for policy learning.


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