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Start Date: : 2018 (In Progress)

Evaluation of the impacts of the projects financed by the Interreg Europe Programme 2014 -2020 on regional and local policies

Regione Umbria

In the frame of the Co-Presidency of the Umbria Region for the Interreg Europe 2014-2020, this evaluation assesses the impacts of the projects financed by the Programme. In other words, it analyses the outcomes of the projects according to the objectives of the Programme, in order to answer the question: 'Do the activities and results achieved by the projects facilitate the effective improvement of the regional and local policies?'. 

The very aim of this evaluation is to provide indications in order to address the forthcoming choices of the Italian beneficiaries in their participation to the Interreg Europe Programme and, to a lesser extent, to the other ETC programmes. Besides, it provides to entities and local and national institutions a concrete tool to better orientate their own policies, especially those financed by the ESI Funds, for the current programming period and the post 2020 one.

The evaluation is structured in two steps: 

  • Evaluation of the performance of the projects 
    • From the point of view of the persons in charge of the policies, of the action plans and possible pilot actions development, of the involvement of the stakeholders ; 
    • From the perspective of the exchange of experience results (expertise and capacity of the subjects involved), of the relations between several entities and of the impact on the identified policies. 
  • Evaluation of the impacts of the projects in the territories involved 
    • Analyses the actual change in the policies and, in general, the impact of the project in the territories.