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Start Date: : 2016 (Completed)

Monitoring Helpdesk: Data analysis and reporting

European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban PolicyEuropean Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy

The current service serves this purpose: to support DG REGIO in monitoring the programmes performance. More specifically, it functions as an annual  support service to assist DG REGIO by providing them with structured analysis on AIRs in May or June each year, depending on the transmission deadline as well as three times a year on financial reports under article 112, by the January 31, July 31 and October 31 deadlines.

Analysis takes the form of:
•  296 OP scorecards
•  28 Member State scorecards, plus 
•  1 for ETC 1 management scorecard

each addressing the needs of different DG REGIO users.
This service has four tasks: under task 1 the consultants develop the delivery structure for analysis of the financial information under article 112 of the CPR. This is based on MS data transmitted by 31 January 2017. Task 2 develops this delivery structure. The steps are identical to those under task 1, the only difference being that the dataset incorporates physical and financial indicators in the AIR, as compared to the detailed financial data under task 1. Task 3 concerns the delivery of scorecards as defined in tasks 1 and 2. Task 4 ensures yearly general support to address specific requests for further analysis related to the above tasks.

Giovanni Familiari
Director and Partner