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Start Date: : 2019 (In Progress)

On going evaluation of the 2018-2019 Operational Programme on Administrative Capacity - Lot 1

Ministry of Regional Development and Public administration - Romania

t33 in consortium with ACZ and IRIS is in charge of the evaluation of the Romanian Operational Capacity Administrative Programme 2018-2019  in relation to:

  • Specific objective 1.1 - Development and introduction of common and standard systems in public administration which will optimize decision-making processes aiming at business environments and citizens, in line with the Strategy for Strengthening Public Administration

  • Specific objective 1.2 – The development and implementation of unitary and modern human resources management policies and tools.

The evaluation aims to understand which are the factors contributing to the success or failure of the programme implementation as well as the sustainability of funded actions. Also, the evaluation should lead to a series of conclusions and lessons, accompanied by relevant recommendations.
More specifically, t33 will look into the following specific themes:

  1. Unitary approach to the strategic planning and programme budgeting (evaluation of the procedures and mechanisms implemented)

  2. Performance management systems (assessment of how these mechanisms are implemented and their impact assessment)

  3. Measures taken to improve the legislative framework (evaluation of all the measures implemented to bring a change in this field).

Different tools are implemented:
•         Reconstruction of the programme theory of change
•         On - field activity as questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. 
The project has a duration of two years.

Alessandro Valenza
Partner and Founder