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2007-2018 : 11 années d’action !


t33 compte et fête à sa manière. 11, 22, 33… une série un peu bizarre pour compter les anniversaires de l’entreprise. Mais parlons justement de bizarreries...

Remunerated Internship (6 months) – Economic/ Financial Analysis and Cohesion Policy


At t33 we help national and international institutions to deliver better policies for citizens. 

Presentation at the International Evaluation Conference of the impact evaluation of the Romanian intervention supporting microenterprise development


On June 22nd 2017, in Wroclaw (Poland), Andrea Gramillano and Andrea Floria  presented the lessons learned from the impact evaluation of KAI (Key Area of Intervention).

What could be the future of Cohesion Policy after 2020 and which role for financial instrument?


After almost a quarter of century, Cohesion Policy may have arrived at its end, or be due for a dramatic resizing. 

Six parallel studies conducted on behalf of the Committee of the Regions


Discussion paper on marine industry, shipping industry and green technologies in Marche regional economy


With the submission of the discussion paper to the client, Comune di Fano, t33 concluded its tasks within the Blue Tech Adrion Cluster project

DG Regio Monitoring Helpdesk: Data Analysis and Reporting


A consortium led by t33 and including Smartpeg and Pegaso 2000 has been contracted by the European Commission.

t33 methodology on Strategic Environmental Assessment now published


The methodology Improving Sustainability of Programmes in Strategic Environmental Assessment Procedures: the QUAlitative Structural Approach for Ranking (QUASAR) the Environmental Effects,

Training to the French Managing Authorities on the requests of payment for financial instruments


François Levarlet and Andrea Gramillano have presented on the 1st of February in Paris the novelties of the current regulatory framework.

t33 provides statistical support to medical research


In the last year t33 has applied counterfactual methodologies to different policy fields, including medical research.

On-going evaluation on European Territorial Cooperation: Alpine Space, Central Europe and North West Europe transnational programmes


In the end of 2016 t33 is fully involved in evaluation activities.

Study for the European Commission - DG BUDGET on the determination of standard scales of unit costs for travel


Following the study on the use of new provisions on simplification during the early implementation of the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds

Ex-post evaluation of the National Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 in Romania


The consortium formed by ACZ Consulting (Lead partner) and t33 has been awarded

Paper published on specialised journal 'Economia della cultura': ‘Is culture a key factor in the European Union's macro-regional strategies?’


In November, the economic magazine Economia della Cultura published an article drafted and written by t33 senior experts

Multiple Framework Service Contract for the Committee of the Regions on Cohesion Policy and Urban Policy


Following the Multiple Framework Service Contract of 2015 for the realization of socio-economic studies on behalf of the Committee of the Regions (CoR).

Study for the European Parliament on 'Integrated use of ESI Funds to address social challenges'


As of the end of this year, 2016, François LevarletPietro Celotti and Nicola Brignani will lead and coordinate the study commissioned by the European Parliament 

Presentation of the study prepared for the European Commission on ‘Collecting solid evidence to assess the needs to be addressed by INTERREG cross-border cooperation programmes’


On 18 October, Alessandro Valenza on behalf of the consortium composed by Sweco (lead partner), t33, Politecnico di Milano and NordRegio, presented the final result of the study

Study on the ‘Review of adopted European Territorial Cooperation Programmes’. Nicola Brignani and François Levarlet presented the main findings and recommendation at the European Parliament.


On October 11 2016, Nicola Brignani and François Levarlet presented the main findings and recommendations of the study.

EC/ EIB seminar on the selection of bodies implementing financial instruments under ESIF


The European Commission has recently published the Guidance for Member States on the selection of bodies implementing financial instruments under European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF),