Study: 'Guidebook on registering EGTCs'

Committee of the Regions

Committee of the Regions

  • Start Date: October 2020

  • Status: In Progress

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) was established on 5 July 2006 by Regulation (EC) 1082/2006 and came into force on 1 August 2006.
Today there are 78 EGTCs registered with members from 20 Member States, 4 non-Member States, involving over 1000 local and regional authorities (LRAs) and other public bodies (source: EGTC Monitoring Report 2018-2019).
The CoR has over the past 15 years served not only as the EU register, but also as the helpdesk for the registration of EGTCs for any local and regional authority, or other public body in the EU, interested in registering an EGTC.

To facilitate the process of registrations for European local and regional authorities, and to help remove ambiguity in this process, the CoR is commissioning this detailed guidebook on how to register an EGTC in each Member State and regions with legislative powers. The study looks also into the procedures for how to establish EGTCs with neighbouring non-Member States.

The guidebook provides an introduction on the EGTC Regulation, describing how the EU came to adopt the EGTC Regulation and explain the changes the 2013 revision brought.
Section 2 provides a roadmap on how to create an EGTC up to the point of registration, while section 3 provides a step by step guide on registering and modifying an EGTC with specific fiches for EU member States and Non-EU neighbouring states allowing EGTC registration. A focus is also dedicated to Non-EU neighbouring states not allowing EGTC registration.
The services is led by Spatial Foresight GmbH, with the contribution of t33 (project partner).

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