About the Company

The t33 team is deeply immersed in the cycle of EU programmes. We provide evaluations, studies, capacity building solutions. So far, most experience is in territorial policies, especially for financial instruments, administrative simplification and indicators.
Ten years of evaluating regional, national, cross-border and transnational EU programmes, have been a great opportunity to investigate how territories benefit from the EU, and the occasion to apply evaluation techniques including our original methodology for strategic environmental assessment.
Offering services to the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Committee of the Regions and the European Investment Bank has increased our capacity to generate and share knowledge on EU policies and programmes.
More recently, t33 data management projects help improve the European Commission’s capacity to monitor programme performance.
The t33 core team is based around 15 to 20 experts from five countries, speaking 8 languages and with a good balance of senior and junior experts.

Our Values

Advancing EU policies advancing environmental responsibility

How are we contributing to developing EU policies on the ground?

Being place-based
t33 was established in 2007 in Ancona – a medium-sized Italian town on the Adriatic coast well away from a major hub. Even if our growth is entirely due to our capacity to export services, and t33’s main partners are based in the capital cities of other EU countries, we continue investing in our city.

Creating jobs
Over the years t33 has created permanent employment for highly qualified young people – even during the economic crisis in Italy.

Growing on a multicultural basis
We are well aware that our business model is based on the partnership with other European companies. Furthermore, the international team shows that EU and non-EU citizens are key to sustaining dramatic growth.

Acting in an environment-friendly way
Our office is in the city centre, promoting the use of local public transport. We measure t33’s ecologic footprint, limiting emissions and buying ‘Voluntary Emissions Reductions’ in compensation.
This is not enough. However, it is our corporate commitment for a better EU. Our actions have strengthened every year since 2007 and will continue with ever more commitment.

Our Mission

Sound policy, within and beyond the EU

t33 was created to support public administrators making informed decisions to benefit citizens of today and tomorrow. Across two programming periods (2007-2013 and 2014-2020), t33 has been interpreting the language of EU programmes on behalf of regions, taking experience and data from assessments and field studies back to European institutions.

In our first decade, our ambition was to improve the interplay between European regions and EU institutions and to make territorial policies more effective, even in the face of historical and disruptive events such as the financial/ economic crisis and Brexit.
In our second decade, we expect to be involved also outside the EU, developing territorial policies, conducting environmental assessments, setting indicators and improving policy data management. This will continue our international experience that started with projects in Algeria and Mali.
We will continue networking with European partners, complementing competences, researching, while being open to questions and sharing our knowledge through teaching in local universities.


Research represents an opportunity for developing concepts and methods, exploring new solutions and new markets..



T33 over the years has contributed to the development of numerous publications, which we have made available for you.



Discover with whom we have worked with during our ten years over of working experience.