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t33 designs and carries out studies on economic, political, environmental and territorial issues, supporting public decision-makers as they pursue strategic and operational goals. Our studies give a better understanding of current and future issues, enabling our clients to make better, timely decisions.


Our experience has grown with studies on behalf of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Committee of the Regions and European Investment Bank. Our multinational, multilingual and multicultural team of experts includes economic, political and environmental scientists, as well as specialists in administrative simplification. Our capacity for ambitious EU-wide studies often depends on activating a wider network, including partner companies and freelancers across the EU with complementary thematic competence. t33 is proof that the EU internal market creates huge opportunities, especially with a partnership-based business model.

Thematic coverage

Working within framework contracts has allowed our team to become experts on financial instruments in EU cohesion policy and administrative simplification measures, including simplified cost options. Thanks to our intensive experience as evaluators, we have been repeatedly asked to investigate how indicators can be set and used, especially environmental indicators. Contributing to 100+ studies in a decade has involved a broad range of topics related to the functioning and evolution of the EU, including the disruptive Brexit phenomenon.


We are very comfortable when studies have a significant quantitative basis that require a complex database and collecting a substantial amount of data. Our infographics and maps help communicate the message clearly and reinforce our capacity building solutions that accompany the knowledge generation.

Looking at 2030, we are keen to investigate how national, regional and local authorities can make the best use of the EU funds to support their energy and ecological transition.

François Levarlet

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