"Monitoring Helpdesk: Data analysis and reporting"

European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy

European Commission - Dg REGIO

  • Start Date: January 2023

  • Status: In Progress

The Monitoring HelpDesk service was first launched in 2016 to undertake the processing of monitoring data and facilitate its analysis, mainly by improving comparability. The service supports the work of Desk Officers in DG REGIO by providing visualisations and quality checks on monitoring data. 
The consortium composed by t33 (lead partner), Pegaso 2000 and Smartpeg supports Desk Officers and DG Regio by providing them with a structured analysis on the AIRs and financial reports (Art. 112). 
Scorecards are elaborated in five distinct level:

- Programme level Scorecards;
- Country level Scorecards covering all OPs in Member States;
- Management Scorecards covering all OPs in all Member States and focusing on cross cutting issues
- European Semester scorecards focusing on thematic investment
- Financial Instruments Scorecards on programme, Member State, and management levels.

For the 2014-2020 period, the service covers all implementation reports (including final) and financial reports (art.112 2013 CPR) of all OPs which have a priority axis financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Cohesion Fund (CF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).
For the 2021-2027 period, the service covers all financial and indicator data referred to in Article 42 of the 2021 CPR, for all 2021-2027 programmes which have a priority financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) or Cohesion Fund (CF), Just Transition Fund (JTF), and European Social Fund Plus (ESF+).

The service is the continuation of the same project led by the same consortium in 2016 and 2020.

Giovanni Familiari
Partner and Founder

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