Animation and development of REGIO P2P Communities - a peer-learning scheme for building capacity of national and regional authorities to implement cohesion policy

Committee of the Regions

European Commission Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy

  • Start Date: April 2023

  • Status: In Progress

The general objective of the contract is to provide platforms and instruments to support peer learning opportunities aimed to improve the administrative capacities of Member State authorities to use and manage funding from ERDF, CF and JTF. This will include contributing to completing the transition from the REGIO Communities of Practitioners to the REGIO P2P Cmunities.
The scheme was set up in 2016 to promote longer-term and multilateral cooperation among cohesion policy practitioners, which was difficult to achieve with TAIEX-REGIO Peer2Peer alone.
The communities are networks of public servants from ERDF, CF and JTF programme authorities. They focus on specific topics to address common issues, learn from each other’s experience and co-design tools that can help the participants in their daily work. The communities are built and run at the initiative of the members themselves; they choose the topics, identify common challenges and organise either in-person or online meetings to work on them. Other online tools, such as Futurium web-platform, a newsletter, LinkedIn and a Twitter accounts, enable members to communicate regularly.
The activities are divided into tasks and are listed below:

  1. Animation and development of REGIO Peer2Peer Communities on a wide variety of topics related to Cohesion policy;
  2. Manage the web space of the Communities, fostering membership, networking and exchange;
  3. Promotion of the communities and outcome dissemination;
  4. Capitalization of methods and tools, and advice to further develop the scheme.

The project is led by t33, in consortium with Spatial Foresight and OÏR.

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