Evaluation of the National Operational Programme "SME Initiative 2014-2020" in Italy

INVITALIA Agenzia nazionale per l’attrazione degli investimenti e lo sviluppo d’impresa SpA

  • Start Date: April 2023

  • Status: Complete

The service evaluates the implementation of the interventions funded under the National Operational Programme 'SME Initiative 2014-2020'. More in details, the evaluation investigates to what extent the interventions funded under the NOP SME Initiative has facilitated access to credit for businesses to finance investment projects during the recession.

The evaluation concerns five macro-areas of activity:
a) Description of the intervention and the evolution of the main macroeconomic indicators representative of the context;
b) Analysis of operations based on monitoring data (physical and financial progress);
c) Analysis of the profile of the companies receiving the new financing activated;
d) Based on an in-depth level of analysis, indentification of cases of beneficiary companies, with particular regards to the companies that have benefited from the initiative for the realization of investments in course of the crisis;
e) Preliminary indications on the effects of the intervention in promoting access to credit and supporting businesses to overcome the effects of the crisis.

The service is led by t33, in consortium with MET.

Giovanni Familiari
Partner and Founder

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