Study: 'Access of Local and Regional Authorities to the EU Budget: Lessons to be drawn from the MFF 2021-27'

Committee of the Regions

Committee of the Regions

  • Start Date: December 2023

  • Status: In Progress

The European Committee of the Regions has commissioned t33 to conduct a study focusing on the role of Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs) in the political discussions surrounding the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) post-2027. The profound transformation of the EU, both in terms of its political objectives (including the twin green and digital transition, geopolitical Union, and Union of values and fundamental rights) and its membership (with the perspective of a 30+ Europe), indicates that the debate on the post-2027 MFF will occur in a radically different context than the discussions that led to the adoption of previous frameworks (2007-2013, 2014-2020, 2021-27).

The study aims to examine the delivery mechanism of EU funding programmes for the period 2021-2027 in greater detail, with a functional and procedural perspective, paying particular attention to the role of LRAs. Among other objectives, the study seeks to assess the extent to which LRA concerns and voices have been considered during the preparation and negotiations of the MFF 2021-27. Additionally, it investigates whethere there are specific delivery mechanisms designed to facilitate LRA access to (some) EU funding programmes. Furthermore, the study evaluates how LRAs perceive their access to EU funding programmes after two years of implementing the MFF 21-27.

The study also provides concrete recommendations and forward-looking aspects to contribute to a more inclusive, place-based, and “place-aware” generation of EU funding programmes for the post-2027 MFF.

t33 leads this study in partnership with Milieu.

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