2022 starts with two essential partners on board

Written By Giovanni Familiari
Publishing 04 January 2022

Last autumn Clarisa Capomagi and Cristina Stronati became t33 partners.

Clarisa started collaborating with t33 in 2010 and has since then been the person responsible for the company administration, including the preparation of the annual balance sheet and the company-bank relationships. Clarisa’s ability to soundly manage financial planning has been key to ensure the smooth growth of t33. Given that t33 features a rotation of the director’s role, Clarisa represents the continuity of our management.

Cristina became a t33 employee in 2012. As bid manager, she has always been focused on the administrative aspects of the dozens of tenders t33 submits yearly on a wide range of markets. She took the responsibility to manage the reporting of a EUR 11 million technical assistance project to the EIB (fi-compass). As ICT manager and also security manager, she successfully managed the fast transition to remote working of all staff members at in February-March 2020.

With Clarisa and Cristina among the partners, t33 has gained additional and valuable capacity to take informed and balanced decisions. This is particularly important in a phase marked by dramatic changes that not only affect our way of working, but also require us to reprioritise our investments to continue offering services in support of sound policy.