Support for the implementation of management, reporting and guidance activities provided for in the Communication Plan of the National Contact Point MED

ART-ER (Attrattività Ricerca Territorio Emilia Romagna)

  • Start Date: January 2019

  • Status: Complete

The aim of the service is to support ART-ER (Emilia Romagna Territory Research Attractiveness) in coordinating an analysis of the capitalization process and integration into the policies of the results of MED projects in Italy.
The analysis was carried out through a structured consultation process involving the Italian national authorities (Department for Cohesion Policy, Agency for Territorial Cohesion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation), 3 ERDF programmes managing authorities, 2 managing authorities and 3 joint secretariats of ETC programmes, 6 regional coordination units of ETC programmes, 2 regional units for programming the structural funds, 3 contact points of ETC programmes, 24 lead partners and partners of ETC projects.
t33 experts supported the capacity building process implementing 4 focus groups over 6 months, respectively dedicated to the mechanisms of implementation, communication, governance, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes.
t33 experts (in coordination with ART-ER and with contributions from the institutional entities participating in the process) finally published “I processi di capitalizzazione del programma MED in Italia”, presented by Pietro Celotti on the 23th of November during the webinar organized by ART-ER as National Contact Point for Italy of the MED programme.

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