Study: 'Regional and local authorities and the National Recovery and Resilience Plans'

Committee of the Regions

Committee of the Regions

  • Start Date: December 2020

  • Status: In Progress

The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) with a budget of EUR 672,5 billion is the main tool put in place by the European Commission and EU Member states to face the economic and social negative impacts of  the Covid-19 outbreak.
To implement the objectives of the RRF, Member states will have to draft National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) which is becoming the core of the European Semester exercise for this and next year. LRAs play already a key role in  the recovery process as well as within the green transition and the SDGs, and in the end of the day they will be the ultimate actors facing the needs and expectations of European citizens.
This study will analyse the involvement of LRAs in the NRRPs assessing the governance of the RRF in the European Semester. It taps on the findings of two earlier analysis of the COR: 'Assessing the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on regions and cities of the EU' and “Active subsidiarity and the European Semester: the involvement of cities and regions in policy-making for investment and structural reform'

The study is conducted in consortium with Spatial Foresight GmbH and OIR GmbH
The report of the study is available here.

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