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Independent evaluation of ERDF ROP of Sardegna Region 2014 - 2020

Sardinia Region

  • Start Date: June 2022

  • Status: In Progress

The ERDF ROP 2014-2020 of Sardegna Region  is composed of seven axes, in addition to Technical Assistance:

I Scientific research, technological development and innovation
II Digital Agenda
III Competitiveness
IV Sustainable energy and quality of life
V Environmental protection and risk prevention
VI Efficient use of resources and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage
VII Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty and all forms of discrimination
t33 was commissioned to carry out the programme independent evaluation. The aim of the service is to support a common learning processes on development policies, providing the needed knowledge and evaluation tools. They should be useful to respond to EC obligations such as to guide the programme’s decisions and constantly improve its quality and implementation. The service also responds to the need for transparency towards the main stakeholders and their involvement in the policy cycle.

The evaluation includes several thematic assessments, such as: Innovation, Competitiveness, Energy, Natural and cultural heritage, Territorial planning. The service also encompasses the evaluation of the financial instruments, in particular of the Sardinia Business Emergency Fund and the Fund for Enterprises’ Competitiveness.
To conduct such a challenging evaluation service, which also involves a close collaboration with the Evaluation unit of the Sardegna Region, t33 has mobilized over twenty experts and planned a four-year committment.


Alessandro Valenza
Partner and Founder

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