Technical assistance and advice for the use of simplified cost options in 21-27 ERDF programmes in Spain

European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy

European Commission - Dg REGIO

  • Start Date: November 2021

  • Status: Complete

The purpose of the service is to provide support on the design of model methodologies and schemes for SCOs for ERDF and CF in Spain and propose specific actions for a quick and extensive uptake of SCOs. It should allow Spain introducing new schemes, going beyond the obligation deriving from the regulatory recommendations. The technical assistance provides support to MAs and Intermediate Bodies in setting up new SCOs. It also provides model methodologies and schemes for SCOs output oriented (Unit Costs, Lump Sums, Flat Rates, financing not linked to costs) for specific categories of actions and identification of beneficiaries best suited for the use of SCOs.

Nicola Brignani
Director and Partner

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Clarissa Amichetti

Policy Analyst

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