Thematic evaluation of the ERDF Italian National Operational Programme (NOP) Culture and Development 2014-2020

Italian Ministry of Culture

  • Start Date: May 2022

  • Status: Complete

The ERDF NOP Culture and Development 2014-2020 aims at strengthening cultural assets and activating cultural-related territorial development potentials in five regions of southern Italy: Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily.

The NOP has the following objectives:

  • improve the offer and the fruition modalities of ‘cultural attractors’, ensuring their protection and conservation;
  • provide the same cultural attractors with innovative high-quality services to favour an efficient management;
  • implement a sectoral intervention (not only for the areas of cultural attraction) in favour of the cultural industries system;
  • promote integrated development processes and enhance the entrepreneurial component connected to cultural tourism fruition;
  • counteract the effects of the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic providing support to state assets by covering part of the expenses necessary to ensure safe fruition and work modalities;
  • support businesses in the cultural and creative sector with non-repayable contributions to partially compensate losses of turnover suffered because of the pandemic.
The Programme Evaluation Plan foresees the provision of thematic evaluations, as required by the Partnership Agreement for National Programmes of sectoral interest.

The evaluation, offered to the Ministry of Culture (MiC), Managing Authority of the Programme, focuses on two main topics:
  • The potential of public demand to act as a stimulus for business innovation. In particular, the evaluator should investigate how museums and state cultural sites have been able to use the lever of public procurement in the context of cultural heritage (for example through advanced technological solutions) to promote innovative processes within the selected companies.
  • The territorial integration of the cultural offer related to state and non-state museum systems. Considering the Programme’s  ‘areas of cultural attraction’, the evaluator should verify whether and to what extent the process of implementation of the National Museum System, as inspired by the  by the Ministry of Culture reform launched in 2014, is favoring integration and complementarity of the offer of public (state and non-state) and private places of culture.

The service includes several evaluation techniques, two surveys and six focus groups, and is entirely carried out by t33.

The final report is published here.
The report includes four case studies:
- National Archaeological Museum of Taranto (MArTA)
- National Archaeological Museum of Neaples (MANN)
- National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto
- National Archaeological Museum and  Park of Locri

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