Implementation of the Evaluation of interventions of ROP 2014-2020: Axis 2 - Improving the competitiveness of SMEs and Axis 15 - SME Initiative

Ministry for Development, Public Works and Administration of Romania

  • Start Date: September 2023

  • Status: Complete

The general objective of the service is to identify and measure the intermediate effects of the interventions financed through the ROP, by considering  the objectives established by the programming strategy and the regional development strategies , and the country objectives established by the Partnership Agreement. The service also analyzes the implementation mechanisms that lead to the production of these effects. 
The analysis focused on two priority axes:  Axis 2 - Improving the competitiveness of SMEs  and Axis 15: SME Initiative. Both axes are assessed by taking into account the evaluation criteria related to effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

The evaluation activity is led by ACZ Consulting, in partnership with t33. 

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