Support service for the 'Territorial strategies for the sustainable and integrated development of urban areas' of the Municipality of Macerata

Municipality of Macerata

  • Start Date: October 2023

  • Status: In Progress

The service provided by t33 aims to develop and implement a proposal for a Territorial Strategy for the Sustainable and Integrated Development of Urban Areas. This strategy pertains to the Urban Area identified in the municipalities of Montecassiano, Porto Recanati, Potenza Picena, Recanati, and Macerata (the lead municipality). The territorial strategy selects operations aimed at supporting integrated territorial development through the implementation of the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) instrument.

Within the context of the Marche Region, the potential ITIs applicable to the regional territory are funded under the following programs:
  • Marche ERDF 2021-2027 Regional Programme, O.S. 5.1 (“Promoting integrated and inclusive social, economic, and environmental development, culture, natural heritage, sustainable tourism, and urban area safety”).
  • Marche ESF+ 2021-2027 Regional Programme, O.S. 4.k (“Territorial Strategies”).
The ITI call within which this strategy is developed has several key objectives:
  1. Environmental Improvement: Creating new accessible green spaces for all.

  2. Green and Blue Infrastructure Revitalization: Ensuring territorial safety through the enhancement of green and blue infrastructure.

  3. Public Space Redevelopment: Promoting social inclusion and sustainable tourism by revitalizing public spaces.

  4. Urban Regeneration Projects Promotion and Enhancement.

The work program carried out by t33 involved several stages in drafting the strategy. These stages were discussed and elaborated through continuous dialogue with the Municipality of Macerata, the other municipalities in the Urban Area, and relevant stakeholders. Site visits were conducted to identify the corresponding interventions.

The study is conducted by t33 in collaboration with the expert in Local Development, EU funding design, tourist marketing, and territorial matters, Lorenzo Pascali.

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